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Hollman Morris Public declaration

Viernes 16 de septiembre de 2011, por Contravía TV

I learnt about the detention of one of Iran’s most prominent human rights lawyers on Saturday 10th of September, Abdolfattah Soltani, who was worthy of the 2009 Nuremberg International Human Rights Award,.

As I understand, by the media version, he was arrested by four security officials who escorted him to his home, where they confiscated computers and documents before taking him away.

As the winner of the 2011 Nuremberg International Human Rights Award, I want to express my concern about the unjustified detention of this humanist leader. I demand to the Iranian authorities to release him and to stop the persecution against his humanitarian movement, his family and him. And, finally, I exhort them to explain the motives of his detention, to respect his life and civil rights and to provide information about his reclusion conditions. .

The freedom of speech and ideology is a basic brick on the construction of a better world, a world where all of us has its own place.

Hollman Morris

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