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Lunes 6 de junio de 2011

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April 28/2011 UPDATE: : You can donate by using one of our different payment systems.

Thank you all for your help and support!

In a country with over 3 million displaced people, more than 40.000 disappeared, and with the oldest armed conflict of the continent, CONTRAVÍA’s Journalistic Project aims to make a significant and concrete contribution to help promote a HUMAN RIGHTS CULTURE and of democratic values in Colombia.

¿Cómo tu donación puede ayudar a CONTRAVIA?

La Fundación Contravía, es una fundación sin ánimo de lucro creada el 17 de Enero de 2008 con NIT. 900196515-7 y registro en Cámara de Comercio No. 00130387 del libro 1 de entidades sin ánimo de lucro.


We have initiated our donations campaign for the July/December 2011 season, aiming to produce 26 27-minute chapters, to be aired in CANAL UNO. Due collection date: June 30/2011.

With your support, FUNDACIÓN CONTRAVÍA will be able to guarantee the production of a whole new season, and of its transmission at a local, open-signal, national network, and on the web.
Up to now, and thanks to donations from several sources, we have been able to produce and air more than 250 programs that now belong to the most important libraries in most Universities in Colombia.

How can you help CONTRAVíA with your donation?

FUNDACIÓN CONTRAVÍA is a nonprofit organization created January 17/2088, NIT. 900196515-7, and registered at Cámara de Comercio under the number 00130387, nonprofit organizations book no. 1.


If you wish to contribute to CONTRAVÍA on a regular basis, you can have access to a MEMBERSHIP by authorizing a US$5 monthly charge on your credit card. Soon you will find more information on how to acquire this membership!

Deposits outside Colombia

Please send an e-mail to for information

Deposits in Colombia

Please deposit in behalf of FUNDACIÓN CONTRAVÍA

In cash or check in any office of Banco Davivienda
Cuenta de Ahorros No. 4573-0008-1173.
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